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Innovative Internet Marketing Solutions: 5 SEO Tricks to Rank Highly On Google

August 16th, 2011

Within the last few decade the web and the incredible amount of online money making chances took the globe as we know it by surprise. You will discover individuals making 6 and even 7 figure earnings because of running their own online businesses.

The world wide web shows a serious possibility to profit if you are ready to work hard and wise. In addition, a lot of buyers now use Google as their number one resource for pre-purchase study and as a result ranking high on the search engines like google is becoming a bigger factor than ever.

On this edition of my impressive online marketing remedies series I have to discuss along with you 5 tips that have helped me to rank my websites high on the search engines like google.

Content is king: In 1996 Bill Gates posted an article called “Content is King”. In this article Mr. Gates points out precisely how in the future decade the companies who have the best and the most content could be the ones to reign over the online markets.

I’ve come across sites which have amazing design, structure, or owners and they fail to capture the readers attention simply because they lack related good quality articles. While is true which online visitors browse the web to find products and services for their problems, they also love to find out more on how a selected services or products may help them.

Larger low quality traffic normally means much less sales: I know cases of web sites that have over 10,000 visitors per month and still rarely make any money. Why does this happen? As the traffic these types of internet sites are getting is what is called junk traffic or untargeted traffic.

What’s the point of owning a store in the heart of Time’s Square if your target audience never goes there? You’ll definitely get a lot of individuals walking by but your revenue can be really poor.

Review your competitors’ SEO campaigns: You need to remember to always maintain it ethical but business is business and to get an edge you need to understand your competitors’ marketing plans. The fact is that if your competitors are much better and convincing customers that their products and services are wonderful, you won’t get any business even if your merchandise is more preferable.

That is why I would recommend to always evaluate your competitors’ keywords and research their marketing plan. Every marketing plan has flaws and if you can locate those weaknesses in your competitors’ promotional efforts you may be able to have an edge.

Have desired goals and a plan to get to those targets: Goal setting is supremely essential for marketing success. Promoting your business without a clear list of goals is like soaring a plane without a destination. You must know exactly where you would like to go and how you will get there.

Each and every successful online marketer has defined his/her goals and then implemented a well thought marketing plan to allow them to achieve those goals. SEO is not a “one size fits all” solution and what works for other websites may not work for you. » Read more: Innovative Internet Marketing Solutions: 5 SEO Tricks to Rank Highly On Google

The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Your Business

August 16th, 2011

In this article I will explain what I believe to be the best affiliate marketing tools for your online business. These are tools that you will need in order to be successful. Sure, you could do manually what the tools can do automatically for you, but in order to build a business and have time and financial freedom, you need to automate.

So, without further ado, below is my list of the best affiliate marketing tools for your business

Keyword Research Tool - By far, this tool is the most important one in your arsenal. Your search engine marketing efforts as well as your par per click methods, all hinge on you selecting the proper keywords for your website(s). This is not an article on keyword research, but just know that a good keyword tool will help to automate the process of finding keywords fast and easy.

Website Builder - I realize nowadays, there are many free and low cost templates you can use to build out your website, but as you advance in your online career, a good website builder will be one of the best affiliate marketing tools for your business. Best of all, it doesn’t have to sot you a dime! There are free HTML editors such as Filezilla, NVU and Coffee Cup that are all you need to build unique websites for your business. And they are easy to use.

Autoresponder - The money is in the list. If you have never heard that before, you will as your progress in your learning. An autoresponder aside from a keyword research tool, will be one of the best affiliate marketing tools you will use. If you don’t have an autoresponder, you are not really in business.

An autoresponder will allow you to place an opt in form on all your websites to capture the names and email addresses of your prospective customers in exchange for giving them something of value like a free eBook or ecourse. You build that list, build a relationship with it and then market to that list with affiliate offers of products of your own that you created. That is what all the big name very wealthy gurus do. » Read more: The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Your Business