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The Clever Marketer Has Only One Goal – To Make A Lot Of Money

July 7th, 2011

This guy comes a cross as an ordinary kind a guy and may have been once, before he learned the techniques to making big money. You might have stumbled across his website or another marketer may recommend him to you.

Which ever way you got to him you’ll instantly take a liking to him and you’ll sign up to his list because he’s that kind of a guy, and because he’s a clever marketer who has perfected the art of selling himself as the guy to go to if you want to make money on the Internet.

After the sign up the courtship part begins where he’ll give you reports, other information on Internet marketing and generally be the most helpful guy you’ve ever come across. He’ll tell you learning from him is not going to make you a millionaire over night, but you’ll make a decent living if you follow his blueprint.

He carries on being helpful, giving you freebies, sending his auto generated emails as if he cares about you. To him you’re just a faceless money dispenser he can tap into any time he’s short of cash.

The clever marketer can sweet talk you out of cash anytime he wants to now he’s earned your trust. He starts to recommend products that may be unworkable or rehashed, but you don’t know this yet, because you don’t fully understand what’s involved in making money on the Internet.

As a newcomer to making money on the internet you’ll buy nearly every product he puts in front of you, because you hunger for more insider secrets on how to make money online.

Then he’ll open up a membership site and invite every one on his list to join. As most marketers say the money is in the list, he’ll tell you the benefits of joining and he’ll call it a close-knit family helping one another out.

What he really means is now he’s got a big following he’s not willing to give away a lot of freebies as he would like you to sign up and pay for it through his membership site instead. This is his plan and the more sign up, the bigger his monthly earnings will be, because that’s all he cares about.

Once he has his membership up and running you’ll have very little contact with the marketer as he’s achieved his goal of making this amount of money each month and now he’s going to pass on some of the responsibility to other members.

He appoints moderators and other members to answer questions and generally help out, these appointed members feel like they’ve achieved their life long ambition and start sharing their knowledge and some times their knowledge has to be questioned.

There was a time when I asked if the owner of the membership to look over my blog lay out and give me his feedback.

I did get feed back all right from one of the so appointed members saying I needed to change this and change that to make it more appealing. When I check out his blog, wow what a mess, I thought how could this person give me advice when his blog looked like that.

Another benefit the marketer will mention, by signing up you get full rights to give away one of his products as your own to build a large enough list to start making the type of money he’s making.

Nearly all fall for this and start building their squeeze pages and opt-in forms (which I did as well), little knowing that the goodness has been sucked out of the project the first time round by the marketer who owns the membership site that you’re on and is now making himself a lot of money. » Read more: The Clever Marketer Has Only One Goal – To Make A Lot Of Money

This Will Be Our Insiders Look Into The Mass Traffic Accelerator

May 17th, 2011

Generating an income online has never been a simple thing. In fact you will see that the ways to make money on the web are plentiful. You will see that there is an abundance of work you will need to do, regardless of how you decide to get started. Many people decide to begin their own blogs as a way to start making money online. The difficulty starts when people try to create their own content for their blog and also when they make an effort to start building links. Because of this we have decided to check out the Mass Traffic Accelerator blogging system today.

If you have ever got word of auto blogging, that is the foundation of this system. Even so don’t be fooled simply because it is nothing like the other packages online today and it also takes a little effort on your part. Really this is not a total auto blogging system because you will need to do about 2 minutes work for every blog you have in the system. In order to use this program you will already need your blogs set up or be able to set them up yourself. You’re also able to add as many blogs into the system as you want, which is really another great feature.

Now, when it comes to the work I mentioned, you will simply have the product find the content material for your site but then you choose what content you want posted. Once you choose the article that you might want to publish on your site, all it takes is a single click to have it published. You have to remember when you use a system that publishes for you, you might end up with a lot of crap on your blog. And you get to pick the articles which you would like to publish on your blog.

Now, in addition, you have to build links for your blogs and this system makes that very easy by exchanging links with other members. For those of you who are unaware, the creating of backlinks is one of the best ways to start ranking in the search engines like Google. It is an extremely easy procedure for those of you who would like to automatically build links, you just need to click a check box once your adding your blog. Once that box is checked all you have to do at that time is sit back and the back links are built for you.

The members area is very simple to get around and you will have no problems finding your way around. You also don’t have to log in to your blogs back office because the article will be posted right from their website. Which saves you a lot of time in terms of putting up the articles. You will not surprisingly, find upgrades to the product, but in order to do precisely what is listed above there’s no need to upgrade. » Read more: This Will Be Our Insiders Look Into The Mass Traffic Accelerator