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The Best Internet Marketing Training Program – What To Look For

August 16th, 2011

With the myriad of training programs out there, it’s easy to get confused, bewildered and suffer from information overload to the point where you do nothing at all!

The following is what you should be looking for in finding the best internet marketing training program for you

Step By Step instructions - No program is worth much if all it does is educate you on internet marketing, but does not tell you how to implement what you learn. The best internet marketing training program gives you the information you need, and then leads you step by step on how to make best use of it to help you become successful.

Tools - The best internet marketing training program will have as part of its system, tools to use to help automate and put to use everything you need to get your business started right. Free hosting for your websites should be included.

You need tools for keyword research, article writing, competition analysis, website builders and optional templates you can use and “Business in a Box” products you can use to get you off to a fast start. Any more tools beyond that are a plus as well.

Community Forum - The best internet marketing training program will have a forum on its site where fellow marketers go to interact with each other, learn from each others and even partner up is a HUGE bonus for the serious online business builder. In these forums you will find others that offer free advice, ask for business partners, and offer to do different jobs for you to help you with your business (like build a website) for a much cheaper price than you would get on the open market. Or better yet, you yourself can offer a task that you are good that and charge them! That would be another stream of income for you.

Customer Service - It goes without saying, but if you have any issues with your membership, you should be able to get a hold of somebody in customer service relatively quickly. If you send in a Help Ticket to them, they should get back with you within 24 hours. The best internet marketing training program will have multiple ways to get in touch with them including email and private messaging on the forum if necessary.

Modest Fee - The best internet marketing training program will also offer all the above service and more for a modest fee relative to the service they provide. Spending hundreds of dollars a month, then having to go out and purchase other products to help you implement your business practices is not necessary.

You should be able to secure a membership in the best internet marketing education program for anywhere from around $40 – $100 per month with EVERYTHING INCLUDED. » Read more: The Best Internet Marketing Training Program – What To Look For

The Social Media Revolution and Its Marketing Benefits

August 16th, 2011

The Social Media Revolution is Taking Place RIGHT NOW…Whether You Are Ready or Not!

Facebook has over 700 MILLION active users! Do you understand how powerful that is?! Think about this for a second…It’s been long-said that there is no form of advertisement stronger than word of mouth. Only problem is, word of mouth was also one of the slowest forms of advertisement. Now, with Facebook and other social networking sites, it’s like word of mouth gets recorded and sent to over 700 million people all across the world each and every day! Word of mouth on steroids maybe?

How many times have you seen one of your friends post something on another friends wall, or a tweet amongst followers?…these types of interactions were next to impossible to witness just a few short years ago without physically being there. Now, hundreds and sometimes thousands of people can witness the same messages, over and over again. Does that sound familiar to any of my fellow marketers?

What the Social Media Revolution Means to Marketing

Most companies were reluctant to take their marketing efforts online, I believe simply due to a lack of knowledge. The people running these companies probably didn’t spend much time on social networking sites, or on the internet for that matter. I’m guessing they just dismissed social networking as a fad, something the “kids” do. Those who understood the power of social networking knew that taking their marketing efforts online was imperative.

There is no faster way of getting information out to customers, or feedback from them, than social networking. Let’s take the case of Netflix for example. Netflix, the world’s largest online DVD rental service, recently announced they were raising prices by nearly 60%. Within minutes, thousands of tweets with the hash tag #Netflix could be seen flooding Twitter time line’s. Customers, furious by the price hikes voiced their discontent making headlines across news platforms everywhere.

How many times have you ever filled out one of those “Tell us how we’re doing” slips at a store? I’m going to assume probably not a single time. Twitter has become a virtual opinion “drop box” of sorts. Businesses get instant feedback from customers, good or bad in the case of Netflix. This is extremely powerful because it gives business a chance to resolve issues quicker than ever. It’s kind of like conducting a 24 hour focus group, free of cost! Just one of the many marketing benefits of the social media revolution!

The Social Media Revolution has Allowed Businesses to Laser Target their Niche Markets

We may not understand all the technical aspects of it, but next time you update your status on Facebook, take note of the sponsored ad that is showing. Chances are it is directly related to what you posted. This is because the engineers at Facebook have figured out how to make it so that ads are pertinent to the user. I mean it make’s no sense to advertise pet products to someone without pet right?

This is also true for geographic location, age, and even gender. Micro targeted ads are more powerful than any other form of advertisement ever created, point blank period. Although this practice of micro targeting customers has recently raised questions of privacy, I don’t see it going away any time soon.

Don’t miss the boat because you were too stuck in the old way of doing things to adapt to this new way of marketing. Whether you own your own business or you’re involved in some sort of network marketing company, social networking is integral to your success. Now, this doesn’t mean some of the old ways of doing business aren’t still relevant, because they definitely are, but integrating social networking into your current marketing strategy has the power to catapult your business to new heights. The potential to reach millions of untapped customers should in itself be enough of an incentive to take your business online. » Read more: The Social Media Revolution and Its Marketing Benefits