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How to Get Started With Blogging

May 3rd, 2011

Everyone it seems is setting up their own blog. We all want our voice to be heard and there is no bigger soap box to stand on than the internet. So what should you consider before even setting a blog up?

Do you want a blog or a website? A blog tends to follow a diary format with the most recent article at the front. However you can alter the settings of your blog so that you have one page of your blog always set as the home page. Websites tend have a static home page with extra content added in the lower tiers of the site.

WordPress is the industry standard blogging platform but it has to be properly configured to give it the best chance with the search engines.

Who is your target audience? How big is your market place? Not much fun spending hours writing blog posts that no on reads.

Do you want to make money with your blog or are you wanting to provide a public service? If you want to make money then you are going to have to adopt a more commercial attitude with what you write about.

You will have to do keyword research, looking at what keywords you are going to target, how many other websites or blogs are competing for those keywords and whether there is any money in those keywords.

By that I mean are they keywords that people would type into Google when they are looking for something to buy.

A good way of finding out is to type into Google a keyword phrase that you would target on your blog.

Look at the top of the search results page and to the right hand column. If there are sponsored ads there it means that keyword phrase is worth something to those advertisers.

It terms of the structure of your blog as well as your normal blog posts you want to create blog pages. These are pages that will appear on your navigation bar. They will provide information that is not time sensitive such as details about you, a links page to another site and a contact page.

You need to think about what blog theme you want to have. The theme sets the look and feel of your blog and will have a big impact on whether someone hangs around on your blog or not. There are free ones that come with WordPress but for the most versatile ones you will have to buy.

How much time have you got to spend writing for your blog? Some of your blog posts will come straight out of your head but others will require careful research. You will have more followers if you seen as a leader and to be a leader you will need to be at the cutting edge of your niche. Are you or do you know what it takes to get there? » Read more: How to Get Started With Blogging