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Create Your Own Show on YouTube

May 1st, 2011

Create your own show on YouTube. Nope, I’m not kidding. You can and should create a show using YouTube if you have the will and desire to do so. Notice that I did not say if you have the talent and skill to do so. As you probably already know, internet marketing is about finding a “thing” to do and then doing it until you complete the task and then starting over again with the next “thing”. After you build a lot of “things” you will have “properties” or “assets” that together create something of value. But enough pep talk, this is really a discussion of how to go about creating your own show using YouTube. By creating your own show with a theme that is complementary to your product or message, you can help your marketing efforts greatly.

For instance, using a simple video camcorder or a software camcorder product, you can create a series of five, ten or fifteen minute videos that focus on a product or the use of a product that you intend to promote. This YouTube presentation can simply be a “voice over” or narration over slides, tables, pictures, etc., about a product that you are giving instructions as to how to use. The series could be a how to about something that you are familiar with or that you are learning more about yourself as you put together your series. You can title the YouTube series with your name, name of the product (watch those copyright laws), or the name of something that your viewers can identify with. Each set of series can begin and end with title information which displays your website information and or contact information so that the viewer can then follow up on the series by contacting you or visiting your website.

The use of YouTube to produce a series of videos for your show is not new. If you visit YouTube and look at the use of it by large and small users alike, you will find that YouTube series “producers” about. That should provide major encouragement, because truly, if they can do it, so can you. Several helpful tools and steps that you may want to consider include the following.

Write out a list of topics for your series. For example, if this is to be a series of shows on how your Barbie doll collection grew to the size that it is today, pick several points along the timeline of the growth of your collection that you’d like to feature. Create an outline for each point that you are highlighting. Decide on how you plan to present the information. Will it be a recorded interview? Will it fit a fifteen minute slide presentation with a voice over. Will it involve “actors” or use a script with “actors”? Starting out simple is always best, but if you have a budget to work with, you may also consider paying someone to produce the series and giving them your message to work with.

Finally try not to lose your focus when working on the series of programs. Loss of focus can happen when you try to produce something that is perfect instead to something with the message you want to send. Usually, the best tools to start out with involve investing in a small but decent program to record webinar-like presentations with a message about your product. » Read more: Create Your Own Show on YouTube